Power Tail Trimmer

I trimmed 250 tails in 45 minutes.

Ryan Bailey

New Zealand

How to trim dag-filled, long and wet tails

How to fit the Tailwell to your cordless drill

How to buy a Tailwell and its accessories

Fast, easy to use and giving a perfect result

The Tailwell® power tail trimmer was developed in New Zealand for dairy farmers, to speed up and relieve the tedious job of trimming the tails of dairy cows. Tail trimming is carried out to reduce faecal and urine contamination of milk in the vat, to improve the cleanliness and health of the cow, and to improve hygiene and health of milking staff.

It is recommended that tail trimming is carried out twice per year to ensure staff safety and highest milk quality.

  • The Tailwell power tail trimmer is secured by way of the drive shaft into any suitable cordless drill of 14 volts or better, operating at 1,200 rpm to 1,800 rpm.
  • Tailwell is quiet in use, with a smooth, fast cutting action.
  • Trimming takes only a few seconds per tail and is easily accomplished during milking or in the barn.
  • The outer blade oscillates over a stationary inner blade, so there is no risk of injury to the cow.
  • Pre-cutting the tail’s switch is not necessary. Dirty tail-ends feed smoothly over the trimmer.

This is a sturdy precision tool that will withstand considerable use. A neck strap is incorporated so the device can be hands-free between cows. Replacement cutter sets are available.

A trimming collection apron is available as an accessory and is used to prevent trimmings from blocking parlour drainage.

Will it suit all cows? 

Tailwell has a 30mm-diameter cutter which has been judged the most suitable size for most common dairy cow breeds – Holstein, Friesian, Jersey and Ayrshire. Of these breeds, the Tailwell leaves just the right amount of residual hair at the bottom and up the tail as far as needed to remove long switch hair.

Some cow breeds primarily derived from beef breeds, have tails that are very thick higher up. Tailwell can be used to remove the bottom switch of these but will not cut further up the tail.

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