Fitting the Tailwell to a cordless drill

Follow these easy steps to fit your Tailwell.

  1. Place the Tailwell drive shaft into the open chuck and pull the flexible sleeve backwards, firmly onto the drill.
  2. Tighten the drill chuck, making sure that the chuck claws are aligned with the flats of the Tailwell driveshaft.
  3. Pull the flexible sleeve back on the drill once more to ensure that it is tight.
  4. Pull the stretchy cord over the back of the drill. This is for safety against the Tailwell dropping off the drill accidentally.
  5. Oil the cutters with the oil supplied in the kit.
  6. The Tailwell is now ready to trim.

How to use yourTailwell for the first time

And important guide to the first time you use your Tailwell® power tail trimmer. Watch now.

How to cut dag-filled, long and wet tails

No matter what condition the tails are in – long-haired, wet or dag-filled, Tailwell® can cope easily.

How to get the perfect result with two passes

Best results are gained if you make two pases over the tail. This video explains how.

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